Travel Hint: Shipping things home

Japan travel hint: It's easy to buy too many souvenirs to fit into your suitcase in Japan -- so many nice things! If you want a box to mail some things home, go to a grocery store. Near the checkout will be cardboard boxes free for the taking. You can also buy boxes at the …

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Grocery Stores

Every country has it's own cuisine, and grocery stores reflect that. Japanese grocery stores definitely make you realize you are not in Kansas (or any other state) anymore! The obvious ones are sections that feature ingredients used in Japanese cuisine. For example, there is a whole aisle for rice. In the US, the soy sauce …

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Aichi Museum of Flight / あいち航空ミュージアム

Nagoya got a new museum last November.  It’s the Aichi Museum of Flight. (Website here) I’m from a city that is famous for its airshow, so I had to come check this out. The museum is at the Nagoya Airfield, in Komaki. Komaki Airport, as it’s also known, used to be the international airport for …

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